Book Two of The Best Girls Series

Emily Best is about to discover just how hard it is to stick to her own rules.

The Best family has a whole set of rules about dating. But when Spencer comes into Emily’s life, the rules start to unravel.

Spencer has a reputation as a player, but he has a secret. (He’s never kissed a girl!) He’s been waiting for the right one, and he’s certain that girl is Emily. But he won’t admit the truth about his lack of experience.

Will he forget his pride and tell Emily the truth?
Will her handsome rescuer sweep her off her feet and out of Spencer’s arms?

A relationship fraught with misunderstandings, miscommunications, and mistakes makes Spencer fear he’s missed his chance to make Miss Best his Mrs.

Best Dating Rules will keep you chuckling as you follow the convoluted path of romance, woven with lots of fun characters to love and one good villain to hate.

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