Book Three of The Best Girls Series

After two futile years of waiting for Charlie Best to profess feelings for him, Josh is admitting defeat.

Josh is giving up on love. And he’s giving up on Charlie Best. He needs a wife right away and can’t afford to wait a minute longer. Wait until you find out why he’s in such a rush.

By the time Charlie realizes she’s in love with Josh, it’s too late for them to be together. So she sets out to help him find happiness in someone else’s arms.
Soon almost everyone is plotting and planning at cross-purposes, trying to convince Josh whom he should marry. Meanwhile, a buxom nurse schemes to snag the handsome doctor for herself.

Will Josh and Charlie overcome all the odds and find happiness together?

All your friends from Her Best Match and Best Dating Rules are back in this crazy, confusing, convoluted, comedy of love. Even Gram is back at work with her zany ideas to achieve a happily-ever-after between our star-crossed lovers.

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