The Alora Series

Alora: The Wander Jewel

The adventure begins...

Fifteen-year-old Alora has visions.

Only while in the shower. And only of one stranger: a handsome boy with long brown hair, intense green eyes, and the oddest clothes. A boy who vanishes whenever she opens her eyes.

And then one day, he doesn’t…

Alora’s safe world is soon turned upside-down. Thrust into another realm, full of magic and danger, she learns of her heritage and her destiny and must decide if her new world is worth fighting for. In a land where people are judged by their parentage, she must prove herself worthy.

Ultimately, Alora finds her soulmate, but even that relationship is fraught with peril as she faces unfathomable evil.

Alora: The Portal

The battle intensifies...

If one of them dies, they both die.

Bound together as soulmates, something compels Alora and Kaevin to abandon the safety of their refuge for the dangers of Kaevin’s realm.

The soulmates arrive in the midst of a raging battle as Stone Clan warriors defend their capital, an attack made more deadly by the pervasive evil of her father. Alora and Kaevin face mortal danger as they fight against man and magick to preserve Kaevin’s home and heritage.

For Alora’s father will have her allegiance. Or her death.

Alora: The Maladorn Scroll

The ultimate sacrifice is paid...

Some wounds are too deep to be seen and too malignant to heal.

Alora is dying and no one knows why. The unseen effects of Vindrake’s torture linger long after the physical wounds have healed. Damaged as she is, Alora must still use her gift to battle Vindrake’s evil, though she hastens her death by doing it.

Vindrake, deluded into believing his cause is holy, continues his quest to dominate Tenavae, this time attacking the very foundation of all knowledge, aided by a terrible new weapon, which falls into his hands. As some who are loyal to Vindrake infiltrate the ranks of Stone Clan, Kaevin’s life hangs in the balance.

But true love is expressed in the ultimate sacrifice—to lay down one’s life for a friend.

“Alora will transport you to another world and keep you on the edge of your seat. I couldn’t put it down! An original, well-written story, Alora grabbed me from the very first page and kept me up late at night just to finish it! I love it when that happens.”
Love Reading--Amazon Reviewer
“This is a breathtaking young adult story. An incredible fantasy. The writing and imagination are amazing. The great detail and imagery brought vivid mental images to my mind. I was swept up in this story almost from page one, it was really hard to put down. This has all the elements that a fantasy should have, bravery, magic, battle, mystery, intrigue, characters to love and a villain that you absolutely love to hate!”
Cheryl Duval--Goodreads Reviewer
“It was funny. It was exciting and I couldn’t put the book down. Clues were given along the way that caused more reading. I had to have more. I laughed. I sat on the edge of my seat. Just when things settled down another surprise fell off the page. This was a great read. I look forward to the next book.”
Randy Tramp,

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