Freebie Friday 8-26-16 Free and 99¢ Books

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Want to live longer? Read more! The New York Times reported on a recent study from Social Science & Medicine, explaining that reading has a strong correlation with increased longevity. And you can find great free and 99¢ books to increase your lifespan right here on Freebie Friday! "Compared with those who did not read books, those who read for up to three and a half hours a week were 17 percent...

Freebie Friday 8-19-16 Free and 99¢ Books

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If you have a book in one hand and chocolate in the other, and ask me to choose between the two... I'd take the book. Then, I'd hit you over the head with the book and take the chocolate, too. I'm just sayin'. So get your fill of books for practically nothing, and have plenty of money left over for chocolate, too!

Freebie Friday 7-29-16 Free and 99¢ Books

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Remember that time when you could have filled up your kindle with great books without spending hardly any money at all, and you kicked yourself because you didn't do it? Don't let it happen again--you could hurt yourself. Grab these great free and bargain books today!