Results of Media Violence Survey

Thank you for all your thoughtful responses concerning media violence. I thought you deserved to see the results!


 You can’t get away from violence unfortunately this is a violent world. But at least you can minimize it to where it isn’t so commonplace that we’re not affected by violence when we see it!
Any type of violence shouldn’t be tolerated. I don’t like to see violence anywhere including books.
Children should not be exposed to violence in the media. It really is traumatizing. As a child of six or seven, I remember watching a show, where someone was stabbed, and I dreamt about it for days. It created all sorts of fears.
I believe that some people who watch violence on the screen or play violent games, may become insensitive to violence and lead to not valuing life.
I didn’t used to be so bothered by violence till I became a parent. Then it really began to bother me as I searched for age appropriate games and movies to watch with my children
I especially think young children should not play violent video games, or watch it on TV
I feel like the media makes us more aware of the violence happening in our world today. Gratuitous and graphic violence desensitizes our culture at the same time that we isolate ourselves and live polarized lives sticking with the people who make us feel safe. I think the attitude toward violence has changed and the overall view of reality has been skewed but, to quote the Bible, “…there is nothing new under the sun.”
I feel that if news networks need to broadcast violent incidences, there should always be a warning or disclaimer. I also believe that many of these segments should be heavily edited.
I like watching David Muir because he highlights feel-good stories at the end of his broadcast.
I think I am a hopeless romantic comedy fan for sure!!
I think it’s more of a cycle than a cause-effect type thing. They play into each other.
I think media violence desensitizes us to real life violence.
I think violence has become the norm because we see  violent stories on media and we have less respect for others as a culture.
I think violence has existed throughout history in every brutal way we currently have. The difference is we can see it because technology has changed and invented photography and YouTube. I don’t see our world as more violent as the past – it’s probably around the same.
I’m torn about the answer to the last question. I think we’re only seeing more violence because everyone has a camera these days so the violence is captured and uploaded almost instantaneously.
In answer to the last question. I’m not sure, but the media focusing on all the violence IS a problem.  Thanks for asking my opinion!
my preference is Def g-rated everything, but I do frequently read books that are pg. If it’s more violent than that, it’s quite disturbing for me and I have a really hard time with it – the images often stay with me for an extended period of time and I have trouble processing them. I very, very rarely watch TV or movies, but my choices tend to be g-rated; I don’t watch news (I listen to it on the radio and that is also g-rated).
Other thoughts? (Only your first few words will be visible to others taking this survey.)
Our society has turned from God which has created a society with no morals and no concern for others which is why violence is on the increase and people have become immune to it.
Praying for more love and God in our lives!
Prevention is important.  Until then, the symptoms will just be masked.  Society is deeply unbalanced and certain people are so frustrated that they will resort to violence.  I’ve never heard of a happy person consciously choosing to cause someone harm.
Seems to me that too many people simply do not realize/accept that any violence in media can be and too often is reflected in real life.
Some books need trigger warnings.
Survey needs more options! Instead of just violence vs non-violence, I believe the bigger deal is how the violence is portrayed. Is it celebrated? Or is there a bigger purpose behind it to show the consequences of violent actions? I think violence can serve a purpose in fiction, but damage is done when it is glorified.
The “public’s right to know” often goes too far.  There are some sensitive things that should be protected.
The question about video games was hard to answer because I believe that most players play for fun but there is an element out there that are prone to real violence and it worries me that they could be excited by the games they play and bring it out into the real world.
The world has changed since I was a child.  Things happened back then, but it was not blasted over all the airwaves.  Some of the things that are seen on TV give others ideas that I don’t think they would have on their own or they want to out do the last crazy thing that they saw.
Too bad we all can’t live peacefully.
Viewing violence causes people to become desensitized toward violence, and g the media is targeting a younger audience all the time. It also can make violence seem glamorous to children, not fully displaying the real consequences of said violence.
Violence in both  books and media bother me.
Violent hate crimes need to stop
What I find chilling is the “die in a fire” violence directed at posters in review forums who are not 100% in agreement (and respectfully so) with the original poster.  Posting that a disliked character should be subject to torture and death simply because they are disliked is disgusting, and one can only hope that this attitude doesn’t carry over into real life.  There seems to be a real break in some people between what is real and what is fictional.
With respect to “violence” in general, I need to mention that violence against animals is one of the most difficult types for me to see. Yes, it’s terrible against any being (in my opinion), but it’s harder for me when it’s against innocent animals.
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  1. Joyce Black May 16, 2019 at 3:21 pm - Reply

    Wow. Great that you did this survey, sorry I missed participating. My anecdotal two cents worth: bottom line – binary answer: is violence acceptable or not? Yes or No. No quantifying it; no matter how great or how small, it is still violence. No matter the medium, it is still violence. You are either a part of the solution or a part of the problem. To say one does not have a stance or that matters do not impact them is incorrect. We are all one world community and what effects one effects another. We may not see the repercussions of a situation directly at the time but they ooze out into other corners of society. Then too, people who like to pursh boundaries are given latitude of this matter, hmmm…. then they push further in this realm or branch out and test the boundaries of society there as well. Everything matters. Everyone should have an opinion because we all matter and we all should be heard.

    Soap box now removed … on to my daily routine again. Thanks for the brief reprieve from cleaning!

    • Tamie Dearen May 17, 2019 at 12:13 am - Reply

      Thanks for your thoughts, Joyce. I enjoyed your soap box.

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