Interview: Cover Designer Stephanie Adams

I am thrilled to introduce cover designer, Stephanie Adams, who offers a variety of services for authors, including custom covers, pre-made covers, and book banners.

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How did you get started in artistic cover design?
I just started when I was diagnosed with MS and wasn’t able to keep my full time job as a teacher.  I wanted to do something that I love and help other indie authors. Designing book covers fulfills both of those needs.
Do you have other non-digital artistic talents?
I have always loved the arts. I sing, play the piano (not very well!), draw, paint, sculpt… If it is artistic, I have probably tried it or practice it on a regular basis!
What inspires you when you are beginning a cover design?
I read the blurb the author has put up and I begin by thinking of the cover not in terms of concrete ideas, but in more abstract ideas. How can I represent this story through art? I try to incorporate elements that are important in the novel, but also try to create a design that is aesthetically pleasing, so as to attract readers.
What kind of service should an author expect from a professional cover designer?
A professional cover designer should ALWAYS be patient. Your designer to realize that you are the artist that created this beautiful novel and that you want to express yourself within the design. You should always be satisfied with your designer’s work and love the cover you have purchased.

What sets your cover designs apart from the millions of covers out there in cyber-space?

Why don’t you take a look? I have a sample of my work at and order one for only $45. My covers use royalty free images that will not cause any copyright infringements. And they are beautiful!
Portfolio Stephanie Adams
Should a cover “stand out from” or “blend with” the other covers in the genre?
Well, you want it to stand out, but for the right reasons. Many covers stand out in a genre because they are awful. You do not want this distinction. Covers that are pleasing to the eye and balanced will attract readers. People DO judge your book by its cover!
 A Rose in Bloom on Wood with roses

(In addition to book covers, Stephanie also offers promotion banners like this one she made for me.)

Stephanie Adams is author of two full length novels. She designs book covers and formats for Kindle and paperback. She is a Math and Biology teacher, a mother and a veteran of the Army. She loves to learn and continues her education currently as she pursues her Masters degree in math.

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