Cafe House Editing–Interview with Natasha House

Here’s an interview with a talented editor, Natasha House, who offers copy and line editing, proofreading, and developmental editing.

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  1. What is your editing background/training?

I began editing when I beta read for a couple authors. After I was finished, they told me I should edit for others. I’ve always enjoyed helping people look at their story flow, plot, and the missing pieces in their novels.

  1. What is the most challenging aspect of editing?

Staying focused for long periods of time. Your mind tends to “squirrel” at the slightest movement.

  1. Do you believe that an author can ever edit his or her own writing?

I think to a degree they can, but as an author you will miss pieces that a fresh set of eyes will see almost instantly.

  1. What are the benefits of using a professional editor?

You will feel way more confident when you hit the publish button! Plus, you will have someone who will give you an honest opinion of your book, unlike friends and family who may beat around the bush.

  1. How do you refute the claim that a professional editor simply costs too much for a beginning author with limited (or negative) income?

It’s a big challenge for sure to afford editors, but when you place your book in the hands of a reader you won’t cringe at the grammar mistakes they will point out to you later. There are also fairly inexpensive editors that will work with you with the budget you have. I did several payments with one client.

  1. What are the worst or funniest mistakes you’ve discovered during your editing?

Usually when I come across a random sex change. The main guy is suddenly a woman!

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Check out Natasha’s website, Cafe House Editing, for more information and special pricing offers.

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