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Across the board, everyone seems to agree that an ad with BookBub can send your book sales to the stratosphere. But what do you do when you’re just starting out, and you don’t have the requirements to be accepted by the highly selective BookBub? I wanted to share my personal results, which may or may not be applicable for other new authors, depending on your genre. Take these numbers and interpret them for yourself.

I recently ran a number of ads during a one-week period, promoting the first book in my romantic comedy series, Her Best Match. The cost of the book was reduced from $2.99 to 99¢. I also reduced the other three books in the series, including a brand new release, to 99¢. And there is a prequel novella, which is perma-free. There was a boost of downloads of the perma-free book, but I’m not reporting those numbers.

The first ad was eBookSoda, at a cost of $5. The ad ran on a Tuesday, and I had six sales.

On Wednesday, I had two ads: one with Sweet Free Books for $5 and the other with The Fussy Librarian for $7. There were a total of thirty-eight sales, eight of which came from Sweet Free Books during the two hours before The Fussy Librarian sent out their email. So, I can’t differentiate between the two. But in the past, Sweet Free Books has given me about 15 sales.

On Thursday, I ran an ad with Kindle Books and Tips for $25. I had one hundred and three sales of Her Best Match, and forty sales of other titles in the series.

On Friday, I ran an ad with Ereader News Today for $25. I had one hundred sixty-two sales of Her Best Match and sixty-eight for the other titles.

ENT would appear to be the best return for your advertising dollar, but the sales from the previous ads, including KB&T, also caused a shift in the books’ rankings. It’s possible that the higher ranks might have had some influence on the reader’s decisions to purchase the books. Also, I continued to have elevated sales for over a week after the ENT ad came out.

So take my experiences, add your own, and interpret for yourself. Hope we can all learn from each other.–genre-statistics/


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