Sweet Romance!

Originally written and published on my blog, week by week as a serial story, A Rose in Bloom, is now compiled as a single collection in novella form. The original readers were forced to wait (impatiently) for their weekly installments, but you can read this sweet and funny romance in one book.

Elyssa Rose has delicate flowers in her hands and a muscular guy on her mind.

The talented owner of A Rose in Bloom is determined to make a success of her floral business. And she doesn’t want or need a man’s help or interference! But trouble shows up in the form of her handsome, but antagonistic, neighbor, Jaxon McCall, a gym owner whose sole purpose is buying her building from her.

Jaxon McCall once had his eye on Elyssa’s building, but now he can’t take his eyes off the owner.

Attraction draws them together, even as their stubborn personalities drive them apart.

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