The Exercise Pen

I’ve made significant progress on my New Year’s resolution to exercise every day. I’ve already bought a treadmill and located it strategically in front of the television. (I got a fancy one with all kinds of options. It even has a built-in heart-rate monitor.) After hours of research, I found a great training program with specific daily goals. I’ve bought some really nice shoes with good support for my arches. I’ve even purchased some great exercise clothes that wick away the sweat I will produce when I begin to exercise. I’ve talked to friends about which shows I might enjoy watching via NetFlicks while I’m walking on my brand new treadmill.

But today, I took an amazing step toward actualizing my goal. I purchased a calendar with large spaces on each day of the month. This calendar provides plenty of room for me to record my daily exercise tallies. And now I only lack one thing… I need to start exercising. But somehow, I just can’t get inspired to turn the treadmill on and start walking.

Ah! I know what I need! I need one last thing to motivate myself. If I have this, I’m certain I will be on that treadmill every day, without fail, racking up the miles. Yes, if I’m going to record my daily feats on the exercise calendar, I will need a special exercise pen!

I must get on this task at once. Goodbye for now. I’m off to spend a few hours online researching exercise pens.